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VoodooDreams casino gamification review

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We understand that the above is probably not super easy to follow, it kind of needs to be experienced to be fully understood, but overall, the Voodoo Dreams gamification is nothing other than the most exciting one we’ve seen in casino, partly because it uses so many of the familiar aspects from traditional mobile and role playing games, but also because the gamification combined with the spells you can purchase makes it into the most rewarding loyalty program we’ve ever come across in a casino. You can literally claim exactly the type of bonuses / rewards that you prefer, when you prefer it, all that is required is that you have the Spirit Points required.
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Payments 9.5
Customer service 9.5
Bonuses 10.0
Freespins 9.0
Game portfolio 9.0
Retention / CRM 10.0

Casino gamification

Okay, this is where it gets really fun. Here at VoodooDreams.review we like comparisons and if we were to make gamification comparisons within the casino space we would most likely be bringing up casinos such as Casumo, CasinoHeroes or Kaboo. But it’s honestly not fair to compare Voodoo Dreams casino to any of those when it comes to gamification. No, in order for it to be a fair comparison we need to take a step further, into the realm of mobile gaming in general and bring up the experience you might have if you play Clash of Clans, SimCity or others like those. Here’s what we’re referring to.

XP / Experience Points

The first thing Voodoo Dreams has done is that they have taken a page from traditional role playing games and given every user an XP counter. When you sign up at VoodooDreams get your first XP and then you continue earning XP throughout the time you spend with them. By gaining XP you will level up through the various user levels. We are currently our selves on the level ”Grand Master” which means we have passed through the initial levels of ”Novice”, ”Disciple”, ”Apprentice” and six additional levels to get to where we are. There’s a progress bar that shows how close you are to levelling up, and you can easily return to their ”Magic” page to track your journey. What is however most exceptional on VoodooDreams is how Voodoo Dreams has managed to correlate your points earning with your actual activity in the casino in a very interesting way. You get points on every single winning spin, but the number of points will vary based on how frequently and how big your wins are. Very exciting compared to most other gamification and progress bars we’ve seen in the casino industry.

Spirit Points

Already if they only had the XP we’d say that Voodoo Dreams is pretty much on par with the best in the business within gamification. But just as they did with their mobile experience, Voodoo Dreams has taken this much further. Besides earning XP you are also constantly earning so called Spirit Points throughout your play. Spirit Points are like a secondary currency that you can use to cast voodoo spells. So unlike XP, which continuously just increases, Spirit Points are earned and then spent on voodoo spells which give you, the player, various rewards and bonuses. You can save up your spirit points for better rewards alternatively cast cheaper spells as soon as you have earned enough points.


As casino players, this is definitely the part that we are the most excited about. Every single user level (there are 24 user levels that we know about) has four categories of spells.

  • Blood Magic
  • Dark Magic
  • Light Magic
  • Spirit Magic

Every time you gain enough XP to level up, you unlock four new spells, one of each category. You can still cast the spells from the user levels below, but the spells for the user levels above you remain locked. The cool thing is that the voodoo spells are nothing other than the most generous bonus program we’ve ever come across in casino. It starts out a little careful, but you don’t need to level up very much before you realise that you can cast spells that give you quite significant rewards on a very frequent basis. And it has something for Everyone! The spell types, blood / dark / light / spirit, signify different types of rewards. So if you are a player who enjoys to play free spins, well, you’ll be casting blood magic spells, because they Always give you free spins. If you prefer traditional bonuses, then you will go for the dark or light magic spells, because they offer you a bonus on your next deposit. The dark magic spell offers a slightly smaller bonus, but allows a slightly smaller deposit, whereas if you want to max out your bonus you’ll cast the light magic spell which gives you a slightly higher bonus amount and percentage, but requires a slightly bigger deposit in return. Last, but certainly not least, comes the spirit magic spells. Within each user level, the spirit magic spell will be the one that costs you the most Spirit Points, but that’s very understandable considering this spell gives you real cash straight into your account. You can literally withdraw the money instantly after you’ve cast the spell if you want to. It goes without saying that the spells get more and more rewarding and in return cost more and more Spirit Points the higher level spell you cast.

Spell Power

As if all this wasn’t already plenty, there’s one more thing. Each individual spell has power levels of its own. So the first time you cast a spell, that very spell will be on power level 0. By casting the spell once, you power it up to power level 1. By powering up a spell, you make that spell more powerful (you get more free spins, higher bonus or more cash) without having to pay more SP or make a larger deposit. Each spell has 4 power levels. This is just like a nice little extra that Voodoo Dreams decided to add to an already market leading product. That’s alright with us!

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