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VoodooDreams mobile casino review

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In short, VoodooDreams has successfully done what no casino has previously succeeded with. They have built a casino that is optimised for your mobile device in the same fashion that the Facebook app, or the Candy Crush game that you have downloaded from the app store is. And what is amazing, they have managed to create this kind of experience, not only in their native app, but also on their site if you access www.voodoodreams.com from the browser on your phone. That is quite a feat considering not even Facebook manages to deliver such an optimal experience on their mobile website. Congratulations VoodooDreams, you are the new king on the hill within mobile casino, keep up the good work!
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Navigation 9.5
Landscape 10.0
Registration 9.5
Deposits / withdrawals 9.5
Touch gestures 9.0
Speed 10.0

In some cases, who is the best within an area can be subjective. But after having turned VoodooDreams mobile casino product inside out, flipped it around, upside down and then done it all again our decision is that it quite simply IS the best mobile casino on the planet and there’s not a single casino out there that even comes close to contesting them for the position. Okay, so why are we saying this? Well, there are a number of reasons.

Mobile navigation

Unlike other mobile casinos, VoodooDreams is navigated the way you would expect a website or app fully optimised for mobile to be. A bottom navigation, always available, that gives you access to all of the features that you use most frequently makes it by far the easiest to navigate. A top bar that acts in an intuitive way, allows you to access menu items, return to the previous page and access help at any point in time.


How we have been waiting for this! Mobile casino games are played in landscape. In fact most mobile games in general are played in landscape. Yet VoodooDreams casino is the first to recognise this and create a version of their site that is not only fully optimised, but possibly even better in landscape. No more are you expected to switch between landscape and portrait every time you want to switch game, make a deposit or a withdrawal or claim a bonus, you can do it all while staying comfortably in landscape.

Mobile registration

Again, VoodooDreams, nails the registration flow for mobile by creating a simple, intuitive and hassle free registration. Click to register and the keyboard pops up and all you need to do is type in the details they as for and then click next. No more scrolling through registration mobile casino registration processes and tapping your screen to activate the correct input field.

Deposits / Withdrawals

Utilising what seems to be best practise for most innovative mobile companies such as Über, AirB&B etc, VoodooDreams offers a smooth deposit process on mobile. All of the deposit methods you would expect are available although we are most impressed with how simple they’ve made it to deposit and with credit cards. Again, this is an area where no other casino comes close.

Touch gestures

Yes, of course. Any self respecting mobile product will have some support for some of the native hand gestures that smart phones all support these days, the swipe gesture being the first that comes to mind. And of course VoodooDreams does. If it feels natural for you to swipe right or left in a situation, go a head and do it, chances are it will work just as you expect it to.


On no device is the performance of a site more important. And while the differences are small between the best mobile casinos we still notice some pretty remarkable things about VoodooDreams. Not only is it responding at what seems to be the instant you tap something, they manage to do this on the very first time you load the site. What that means is that there’s some pretty serious tech wizardry going on behind the scenes. For example, a first loading of the Casumo sites games is at least two three times slower than the loading of VoodooDreams games, and that’s even though VoodooDreams has many more games than what Casumo does.

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